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Purchased mattress from US Mattress. Called a Sealy signature Kirkhaven firm.

Paid almost $1000.00. Here it is a year later and the mattress is so uncomfortable I can't hardly sleep. No support in mattress. It is like sleeping in a bowl.

Severly effects my back. Sent in photos but denied the claim. Please do not purchase from this Company. Will not help customers after the sale.

This mattress carries a 10 year warranty but will not honor it.

When you lay on mattress it sinks in over 8". Photos don't show this until you lay on it.

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Seriously, what a laugh.

Have you contacted a local store and asked for your regional rep's name and number? They may help you out. Any store that sells this brand should be able to help you - or call the manufacturer directly and ask them to send a rep out to look at the mattress.


Nice try US Mattress... not sure whether to laugh or feel insulted by your attempt to correct this.


We are sorry you are not satisfied with the mattress. Unfortunately, the warranty is administered by the manufacturer, and Sealy denied your claim per the terms of the warranty.

Please monitor your mattress and if the condition worsens, please contact us again so we can follow up with Sealy on your behalf. Sincerely, US-Mattress Customer Service.

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